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Imani Latif

Executive Director

imani website 2023.jpg

Sama Rasul

Deputy Director / Prevention, Outreach and HIV Testing Supervisor

staff photos sama.JPG

Vanellope Santibanez 

Opinion Leader Co-Manager/HIV Testing Counselor


Thera Marshall

Program Manager/PrEP Coordinator

thera website (2).jpg

Errol Flynn

MBB Manager/Brothas4Ever Coordinator

staff photos errol 2 (1).JPG

Ayesha Anwar 

Medical Case Manager


Maritza Cabrera Oliva

Community Without Walls Program Manager/Case Manager

staff photos maritza 2 (1).JPG

Laquita Smith


laquita smith receptionist.JPG

Veronica Ledezma

Client Services Supervisor Critical Events Manager

staff photos veronica.JPG

Cagzmier Jumper

Opinion Leader Co-Manager/HIV Testing Counselor

cagzmier website.jpg

Dusty Raymond

Community Without Walls Program Manager/Medical Case Manager//Brothas4Ever Coordinator

dusty in hats.jpg

Theariale St. Cyr

Case Manager


Marquise Ivra

BOMB Coordinator

Marquise Ivra BOMB Coordinator.JPG

Erin Crawford

Office Manager

staff photos erin.JPG

Danielle Taylor

Crime Survivors Program, Program Manager

Danielle Taylor photo.jpg

Hassan Latif

Addictions Counselor 

staff photos hassan.JPG

Sharlene McNeely

Executive Assistant/Invoicing and Purchasing Manager

staff photos sharlene 2 (1).JPG
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